Admissions Procedure:

There are two easy steps to apply for your child to attend Heritage Academy.

1. Please carefully read through the policies and procedures in our prospectus (click here to download a copy of the prospectus).

2. Please complete the online Application Form (click here).


Once a space becomes available, you and your child will be invited to attend a formal interview with the Headteacher. At the interview your child will be assessed on their level of Arabic and manners. A students will only be offered a place if the Headteacher is satisfied that your child has met the entrance criteria. In order to maintain small class sizes, entry to the Heritage Academy is competitive and based on overall behaviour of the child.

If your child is offered a place, they will be on a 6 week probationary period, during which time they will monitored on their behaviour, attendance, punctuality and attitude. A child’s place at Heritage Academy may be revoked at any time during the probationary period should their behaviour, punctuality or attendance be unsatisfactory.

For further admission enquiries, please contact: