The purpose of the Heritage Academy is to teach Muslim children the true meaning of Islam devoid of any cultural ideologies, sectarianism or extremism. The Heritage Academy gives an opportunity for Muslim children living in Manchester to connect with their faith and explore what it means to be a Muslim living in 21st century Britain.

Unlike most other madrasahs, we endeavour to make a change in shaping the behaviour of our students by giving equal time in teaching Islamic Studies alongside Qur’anic Tajweed.

This greatly helps to develop the children’s Tarbiyah so that they may grow up with a deep understanding of their faith, and become leaders and positive role models for others within their communities Insha’Allah.

Our aim is to add a new dimension to the model of after-school Qur’an schools, and aim to raise the next generation of young adults with a personality that has a life long love for Islam.

Heritage Academy aims to:

  • Raise standards of achievement by offering all our students an excellent madrasah learning experience.
  • Develop our students’ character and instil in them Islamic values.
  • Bring the love of learning Islam into students’ life through interactive teaching methods.

Our mission is:

  • To help all our students achieve excellent results.
  • To help them succeed as the next generation of leaders for their communities.
  • To provide all our students with academic and character-building skills through the Qur’an and the Sunnah.

Our vision is:

To have the best Muslim after-school club in Manchester providing quality education Insha’Allah.

Every great mission is based on pillars. Our steps to success are the following:

  1. Raising Standards – we have defined clear and measurable expectations for achievement and character development. Parents, children and teachers work together to achieve and re-enforce the love of learning. We support through formal and informal rewards for both effort and behaviour.
  2. Parental Commitment – We expect that all parents who make a decision for their children to attend Heritage Academy to uphold a commitment to put in the time and effort to achieve success by re-enforcing what we teach, in the home environment .
  3. Emphasis on Achievement – We observe and note each child’s progress and focus on achievement. We want to develop in our students the love of learning.

How to Contact Us

Email: info@heritageacademy.com

Postal Address: Heritage Academy, British Muslim Heritage Centre, College Road, Whalley Range, Manchester, M16 8BP